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​A daily discipline to reveal Godly wisdom for our everyday lives.


About Red Rocks Church


Welcome to Red Rocks Church. Here is an overview of what you will experience when you visit and a look at all that we offer.  If you choose to join us one Sunday, we will make every effort to create an enjoyable experience for you.


Before you attend, we want to make sure that you know you are welcome to come as you are, and we are happy to have you visit us!  People from different backgrounds, different cultures and different faith traditions have claimed to have felt quite comfortable at Red Rocks. There is no pressure, no judgment and only an exciting expectation to connect with God when arriving for a service.  


Our goal is simply to help you connect with God and connect with other people if you so desire. Thanks for checking out our site and we look forward to meeting you!


  • Our services may or may not look and sound like church services you've been to before.  For one thing, we like our music a little loud.  But if you don't, we still want you to worship with us.  Stop at the tech booth or ask an usher for some ear plugs!  We usually sing a song at the beginning of the service to help people begin to engage in worship and focus their attention on God.
  • At some point, we'll take care of "family business" in the guise of announcements.  This is often just a highlight reel of things happening in and around our church, and we encourage everyone to dig further into things and ministries they're interested in.
  • Then we have a time of teaching.  Generally it's handled by one of our Teaching Pastors and every once in a while, a guest; but you should know that the person teaching has spent a significant amount of time preparing and praying about the topic they're speaking on, and it will be based on specific verses in the Bible.
  • Last, we generally close in several songs.  We keep our lights low for this part so it's easier to think about and focus on God and not those around us.  If you don't know the songs or don't like to sing, this is a great time to think about what you just heard the pastor speak on.  Don't feel as if you have to join in, but when you're comfortable, we hope you do!  Sometimes it's good to just read the lyrics on the screen and think about the words of the songs.  Think about what they mean to you.  Do they apply to your life, or the way you view God?  Can you sing them honestly?  How you answer these questions may affect whether or not you want to join in.  Some people just prefer to pray during the music time - that's ok, too.  We try to choose songs that help us reflect on the teaching and help us respond to God, based on what we just learned while the pastor was talking.
  • Yes, we take an offering.  No, you don't have to give.  If you're visiting, we don't expect you to participate in this "family business" at all!  This is the time when those of us who call Red Rocks Church "home" can give back to God and his work.  Just pass the plate on to the person next to you - that's all we ask!