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Proverbs Chapter 23

Scott Bruegman

Welcome back to Riddles of the Wise! It’s me, Jess, again! We are on day 23, in Chapter 23 of the book of Proverbs. It’s gone by fast, huh?

We live in a great state. We have incredible mountains, lots of sunshine, and sports year-round. According to recent polls, we have some of the best breweries in America. So, let’s talk about that, since this issue is probably on the minds of many Coloradans, and seems to be on the mind of Solomon.

Proverbs 23:20 says, “Do not join those who drink too much wine.”

Interesting. It is interesting because Jesus’ very first miracle was turning water to wine at a wedding. What’s up with that? Jesus provided the alcohol at a party for one of his first divine acts. I find that fascinating. And yet, we read in Proverbs to avoid “too much wine”.

I have the honor and great privilege of working with young adults at Red Rocks. If the party scene is a downfall for any group of people, it would be this one. And, I get it. Most everyone in their 20’s in Denver is doing one thing on the weekends: hitting the bars. It is the social norm. Go out on Fridays and Saturdays to shake off the week, and be with friends.

The only problem is: this type of lifestyle never leads to great places.

For example, that hot girl you met at a bar doesn’t know Jesus, and you realize it big-time 4 weeks from now when she becomes disrespectful, hostile, and maybe unfaithful. When you started to get serious about God, the “friends” you used to party with on the weekend no longer seem interested in you. Or, because you drank so much on Friday, it makes being productive on Saturday a joke.

The Bible was dead on when it said that sin is fun for a season, but that season quickly fades the next day, doesn’t it? God takes issue with drunkenness. He calls it a sin. But not only that, God is calling it the downfall of character (Prov. 20:1). He says it’s a chief reason for woe, sorrow, strife and complaints (Prov. 23:29-30). At one point, Solomon points out that drunkards become poor, ending up with rags for clothes (Prov. 23:21). Bummer, right? Drunkenness has lasting affects over our lives.

So the question becomes, what kind of person do you want to be? Wise, motivated, forward thinking and kind? Or debilitated, strife-filled, and poor?

God is calling us to a higher form of living; one of self control – especially in the area of drinking. May you honor God’s gifts in your life today and not abuse them. May you keep food and drink in their proper place, and may we all become wise men and women who are rich towards God.

Have a GREAT day!