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​A daily discipline to reveal Godly wisdom for our everyday lives.


Proverbs Chapter 1

Scott Bruegman

Welcome to the Proverbs daily devotional called “Riddles of the Wise.” My hope for you is that God speaks powerfully to you through each chapter. I pray that God guides you where you need direction, and encourages you where/when you need it the most. And, I pray that He gives you wisdom beyond measure.

The first 7 verses of Chapter 1 lay a solid foundation for why we chose to spend a month studying this book together. Proverbs offers timeless wisdom, instruction, understanding, guidance, and knowledge. We want to pursue these things as a church because they are deeply important to the life God wants for us. He wants to get involved. He wants to help you, lead you, protect you, and empower you. By spending time in His word daily, you are opening the door to God’s voice, allowing him to get involved in every aspect of your life. Re-read those first 7 verses, and start getting excited about what God wants to share with you.

I love the way verse 8 starts out, Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction.” God refers to us as His children in this verse. Getting into the book of Proverbs this month isn’t just about getting instructions from God, it’s also about moving into a closer relationship with our heavenly Father. We are His children, and every now and then we need to be reminded of that. Take a moment and talk to God about the things in your life where you need the most wisdom and guidance. Give him full permission to lead you in those pursuits and decisions.

As the leadership team of Red Rocks Church, we often pray, “God give us wisdom beyond our experience.” We pray this way because we feel like we’re in way over our heads. We need to be wise in areas that we’ve never experienced before; therefore, we ask for wisdom that goes beyond our personal experiences. I want to encourage you to pray the same thing. Ask God to help you make the tough choices and big decisions in ways that not only honor Him, but also take you toward the amazing future that God has planned for you.  

I’m looking forward to a wisdom packed month with each of you.

Have a great day!


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