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Proverbs Chapter 15

Scott Bruegman

Welcome to Riddles of the Wise! Today, day 15, we’ll be looking at Proverbs 15. There are multiple topics that we could tackle in this chapter, but verse 22 is what really stood out to me today:

Prov. 15:22, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

We live in a world where everybody wants to be self-sufficient. We want to believe that we can take care of ourselves and we don’t need to rely on anyone else. We want to be smart, successful, educated, hard working, and independent. In fact, we often view asking others for help as a sign of weakness. Especially, guys (me included) feel this way. We don’t like to ask for directions, read instructions, or talk to anyone about our problems. The problem with that is that it’s just not Biblical. In verse 22, God says that we’re supposed to do life with others. We’re supposed to ask for help, get advice, and allow others to be a part of our journey. 

By now, you may feel like you’ve heard the author of Proverbs tell you a million times to seek wisdom. Well, it continues. We should not only seek wisdom from God through His word (the Bible). We should also seek it through other Christ followers in our life as well. We don’t want foolish advice; we want wise advice. Remember, wisdom starts with the fear of the Lord! So, that means if you have to make a big decision, you better be seeking counsel from somebody who fears the Lord.

Need to make a big decision? Need wisdom and guidance from God today? Seek advice from multiple people who “fear the Lord.” God says that if you do this, your plans will succeed because He’ll start speaking to you about your life through these people. He says you do this, and your plans will “succeed.” 

I pray that God begins speaking to you about key areas in your life, as you seek advice from multiple God-fearing people.

 Have a great day!